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Invest in Your Child’s Future


Welcome to TrainThemUp, LTD

Where Every Child Is Prepared to Be Victorious Over Life’s Challenges

Character formation starts at an early age. That’s why as parents, we should expose our children to things, people, or activities that help in building moral character, forming good habits, and developing various life skills.

TrainThemUp, LTD offers workshops for children ages 5-12. We focus on developing soft skills that kids can use when they grow up. Our services are currently available in Gurnee, Illinois and the surrounding areas. Continue browsing our website to learn more about what we do.

Mission Statement

TrainThemUp, LTD will empower children with life skills that they can carry into their adult lives. Our purpose is to develop a positive image, self-discipline, and conflict resolution and encourage leadership as well as youth entrepreneurship.

Our Board Members 


What People Are Saying

Event: Little Girls Who Wear Pearls, Eat Pink Elephants

“Great Tea Party for young girls hosted by Alecia Boddie. These young ladies are entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, teacher, astronaut, congress women, presidents, CEOs, and authors in training.”

Our Services